The House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Artistic Achievement Award.

"The House of Representatives of The Commonwealth of Kentucky hereby recognizes and honors Alex Ross for outstanding participation in the Youth Theatre of Hardin County, an exemplary community arts organization which has, for the past thirty-five years, provided an enriching venue for the young dramatic artists of the community. Inasmuch as lending support as member of the behind-the-scenes production crew in this summer's stellar presentation of "Crazy for You" demonstrates an exceptional dedication to the performing arts, the members of this august body are delighted to join with Representative Jimmie Lee in applauding Alex Ross, a former member of the Youth Theatre, for having made outstanding contributions to the continuing development of the Youth Theatre of Hardin County and in extending best wishes for continued success and good fortune.

Done in Frankfort, Kentucky, this
twenty-first day of July, in the year
two thousand and seven
{signed} Jody Richards
Speaker, House of Representatives
{signed} Jimmy Lee
Member, House of Representatives"

Affixed with the Official Seal of the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.